• The Efficacy of Vaccination

    By Julian A. Cox Vaccination efficacy has been a controversial subject since the time of Edward Jenner and his Cow Pox to protect against Small Pox. Throughout the years vaccination has been attributed to the eradication of Whooping Cough, Small Pox, Diphtheria and many other great diseases of days gone by. Although, inspite of this […]

    The Efficacy of Vaccination
  • It’s An Inside Job

    By Julian A. Cox Regardless of what you may think, you always have the power to change your situation. It is not a matter of rocket science. While the “buts” may come and the “what if’s” may prevail one simple fact will always remain. So what is that? It is the fact that, nothing changes […]

    It’s An Inside Job
  • Understanding Sugar

    Abstract Out of the many foods that are on the most vilified list sugar surely shares a place at the very top and has been a target by many health professionals for many decades. Out of all of the many allegations that surround this supposedly dreadful and harmful, addictive substance, most of them don’t hold […]

    Understanding Sugar
  • Do You Know The Difference Between Filtered and Purified Air?

    By Julian A. Cox The most common problem with indoor air quality is understanding the simple difference between filtered air versus purified air. Does it really matter? The answer is most certainly. It is not a matter of life or death but it is a matter of removing the root or just patching the problem. […]

    Do You Know The Difference Between Filtered and Purified Air?
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