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In the year 2006 on my last military deployment to Iraq, one of the most tremendous events took place in my life, and since then my life has never been the same.  My nervous system had become severely compromised but not to the point that I lost my mobility.  However, the greatest part of it all is since then I have been driven to reverse the painful inflictions of my idiopathic autonomic and small fiber neuropathy, with hypo and anhydrosis and have been successful enough to leave all my Veteran Administration prescribed narcotics and other pharmaceuticals behind.

Since I started down this amazing road of recovery by the grace of God, I have become very passionate about helping others with the knowledge that I have gained over the last 7 years I have been this way.  The last four have literally been a 180 degree turn for me and I can clearly see the light of a possible elimination of my condition in its entirety in my future.  Just to simplify things, I have gone from being the victim and in excruciating pain all the time no matter what I did or did not do, to being the victor and not being in such pain unless I do the things that will put me in that state.

One of the most difficult things that I have come to face was that all the times I was hard on my wife and children that it was really over sensitivity to my environment and not them.  Believe it or not it really took a few years for this all to sink in and be accepted.  However, I learned the hard way and really thank God for a God fearing woman and Lord have mercy on me for all those times I was too hard on my children just because I did not acknowledge that my over sensitivity to heat and just plain old exertion and lack of anxiety control was at the root of it all.

There were countless moments I would think my wife was manipulating the temperature of the apartments that we had lived in when I came home from work and I certainly could have been a lot more loving. Aside from that intimate moments were very difficult and almost undesirable as well as certain menial tasks like trying to change a tire.  I remember once I was just too proud and embarrassed as a man to seek help for changing a flat tire on my van that my neighbor came to my aide after seeing my van sit out in front of the apartment complex in the hot sun for a few hours, hoisted up on a jack.

While I could say so much more about the many discomforts I have faced due to my condition I learned to never loose hope or accept the finality of my situation.  I came to a point where I embraced my condition for what it was and realized that it was okay for me to be in that state because that is just the way that it was.  Although, I never accepted the notion that I must always remain as thus and due to this mentality I continue to make great strides for myself.

A very powerful ideology that I have learned to develop is that you always have the power to change your situation.  Don’t think to deeply about it, things don’t change until your perspective of them changes.  So the real point is not to really physically change what your pupils behold but to change the way that your pupils through your minds’ eye is beholding that which you gaze upon without.  When this happens it is nearly a very small scale miracle that takes place.  Another thing I have come to realize over the years is that healing doesn’t begin until the environment is ripe for it.  On the other-hand that environment must be cultivated in-order for it to occur.

It is for that primary reason that I have set out on my mission as a Disabled Veteran and Certified Health Coach, to help those who are suffering with chronic pain by providing them with the right tools, confidence and encouragement to make positive and permanent change a reality.  I also seek to provide inspiration to those who seek it and quality information that is not filled with any specific bias toward any particular group in the realm of nutrition and health.  Lastly, I seek to help open the eyes of the masses on what the true causes of disease are and provide them with the right information to make a better decision in the face of all the scare tactics that take place on both the conventional and non-conventional camps.  I am persuaded that people provided with quality information presented in a format that doesn’t heavily insist that they go in any specific direction will at least have a better understanding of the hidden agendas on either side regardless of the decision they make in the end.

So you basically can expect to get a little bit of everything pertaining to the subjects of health, pain, disease and inspiration along with some random subjects thrown in-between so that you can be better informed.



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