As You Percieve

A look under the hood

The Human brain is primarily broken down into two types of matter, white and gray.  The white matter is comprised of a network of pathways called axons and dendrites that help conduct the neurotransmitters sent by the neurons.  The gray matter houses the receivers called neurons which are also responsible for transmission of received stimulation in the form of neurotransmitters.  While we are on the subject your brain is filled with over 100 billion neurons which have between 1,000 to 10,000 synapses each. In other words, the mind is very sensitive to stimulation.

Pain and the Brain

So what does all that have to do with pain, considering that there are absolutely no receptors for pain in the brain in the first place. Yeah, it is okay to do a double take on that, there are no receptors for pain in the brain.  The point I wish to focus in on is the brain can seem pretty daunting in the grasping of its workings but as complex as it is in its process the method is quite simple. Simple that is, if you take into consideration that it is full of components to do one basic thing . . . . communicate information received.  How does it do this, by neurons that have their signals conducted over synapses, axons and dendrites.  So the real question is what makes you respond the way you do?  In one word . . . Perception.   It is the perception of a present event that is based upon similarities of stored information in your subconscious of a past similarity that is locked away in your cells.

So you got pain, but is your perception that, “I just can’t take this”?  If so the brain communication is to throw the anxiety switch to get out of dodge and pain levels go exponential.  Any type of perception to pain along the lines of, I’m tired of dealing with this, can’t cope, can’t take, too much to bear all have one brain response, which is throw the anxiety switch and get out of dodge and the result always ends in you suffering more than necessary.  So without turning this into a book, in short your perception controls your brain output and either makes your suffering more tolerable or increases pain levels well beyond tolerance. Now anxiety is a very healthy response in the right proportions but that is not what I am speaking of here.   In my practice I deal with the Fundamentals of Pain Induction of which one is mental.  The Mental encompasses taking into consideration the impact of perception, anxiety and emotions in their correlation to the pain problem along with nutrition, molecular and physical contributions.  Together we will establish a system to help regulate anxiety and discover how drastically your chronic pain levels will diminish as we find the root cause of your pain and help bring your body back into a natural balance.

Ways to reduce Anxiety                                                        

  1. In the practice of colour therapy of which I have a diploma in, it has been learned how powerful the impact of the colour blue is on calming the mind and lowering blood pressure.  One way in reap the benefits of this colour is through visualization.  See yourself sitting in the place of your choice under a clear blue sky feeling the gentle, cool breeze flowing over you as dancing blue waves of the ocean fill your ears with their tranquil melody as they crash upon the rocks.  Be creative and add to or take away as you like but give it a try and let me know if it works for you.
  2. Take out sometime for a walk outside, especially if you work in an office all day.  You would be amazed how calming it is if you are couped up in a cubicle bathing in the fluorescent light feeling the burdens of the day along with the added stress from this unnatural lighting.
  3. Take out sometime from your busy day to pray, whether it is in your head or out loud while you are walking, sitting or whatever you may be doing.  Most important especially when you are under pressure, considering that God can do more in one instant of surrendered thought and will then we can with all of our effort in a few minutes.