The Balance

Julian Cox

While the ancient philosophy for health relies on “balance” I am persuaded that what we define as balance as it equates to health is not what we believe it to be.  It is not natural for anything or system in life to ever be “even or equal” and the more one strives to accomplish such the more “imbalanced” their life becomes.  An oxymoron; is it not.  Nature does not work on the basis of equality but on “restoration“.  When you have too much of one thing your body will naturally either store it such as sugar to fat or dispense of it such as the excretion of too much vitamin C into the urine.  So then wherein lies the balance that we are all seeking so desperately to obtain?

It is there but not in the equality that it is believed to be in.  The “balance” we seek lies in paying heed to the excessiveness we tend to indulge ourselves in and pulling back far enough for things to right themselves.  No matter how many times we do so we will naturally become lopsided and this is truthfully a natural and “healthy” part of life.  Amidst the push and pull of yin and yang is the building of strength, gaining of wisdom, breaking of the mold, and realization that more can be achieved than what was believed.  However, equality does not exist in this world and never has at least not in the terms that you believe it to be.

How many times have you stressed out over trying to achieve a “healthy balance” it is scary when you think about it right?  My point is being so determined to fight against nature we create unrest within ourselves then we cry for a good ole release from the madness and fling ourselves to the opposite polarity and then beat ourselves all over again.  This is not the “health” that we seek.

I am very much speaking of myself also but it is something to consider and it may help you save some of your hair in your ongoing quest for “optimal health“.  One thing I have come to realize is that “optimal health” is not obtained by dictation but by tuning in to your body.  Nobody knows your body like you do because you are in it all the time so if we would just begin there and be more attentive I think that we have the power to change our current state.  I’m not saying that outside assistance is no good but without the aforementioned you just end up with two people or more trying to guess at something only one really has the answers to.