Broken Pillars


When it boils down to it, it really does not take rocket science or even a large budget to maintain good health.  A ridiculous notion, that as a Certified Health Coach I would make such a bold statement but it is true.  When the support structure is weak the roof will eventually collapse.  So then what are the supports that actually hold our health together?  I will only name a few:

  • Proper blood flow.
  • Oxygenation.
  • Good posture.

Tar and feather this whack job! Right?  Well hold on just a moment and hear me out first.  Like I said, I have only named a few but oh my, what a whole new world you’d be in just to get started in these areas only.

Do you realize how essential it is to your well being to maintain healthy free flowing blood that is balancing a good pH level between 6.75 – 7.35 or so?

Just to bring it home let’s just focus on three main fundamentals to sustaining healthy blood:

  • Oxygen.
  • Oxygen.
  • Oxygen.

But what about exercise, and a good diet?  Exercise is great and even essential to the upkeep of a good blood flow so that there is not a great accumulation of waste matter, but it tends to backfire when you don’t get the first, second and third bullet right.  Did you get that? A hefty amount of O2 or even O3 for that matter is quite necessary.  Why?

Well you see:

  • Red globules have the property of attracting oxygen to themselves. They take it from the air in the lungs, and carry it to all parts of the body.
  • Red globules give the blood its red color. If they were all taken out, it would be transparent and colorless.
  • When there is a plenty of red blood in the blood-vessels, there is a rosy hue in the cheeks, and the lips are cherry red. This we call a healthy color. It is healthy because it indicates that there is enough blood, and that it is well supplied with globules.
  • Red globules are the carriers of oxygen, and a good number of them means plenty of oxygen in the tissues; and that is necessary to good health.
  • Colorless lips and skin indicate a lack of red globules, scanty oxygen, and ill health.

Now as far as a good diet is concerned, it is essential to eat an adequate balance of alkaline and acidic foods for the blood to maintain homeostasis.  When things tip too far towards alkalosis the digestion process becomes practically null due to the dramatic loss of oomph from the stomach acid which spells disaster for your colon and your health.  Also if things tip to far toward acidosis then your blood will continually rob the rest of your body of the needed mineral components to remain balance just as it will in the event of alkalosis.

However, an acidic environment in layman terms spells o – x  – y – g – e – n deprivation.  This  also provides the perfect storm for sickness and disease due to the overgrowth of many of the anaerobic microorganisms.  At this point they begin feasting on the overabundance of dead tissue and cells that are clogged up in your body which cannot properly eliminate them.   Therefore you end up sick.  They are not really trying to destroy you, they are just fulfilling their role but that is truly another topic for another post.

So just to simplify this, an anaerobic environment plus blood equals a sluggish flow.  An aerobic environment plus blood equals a good and healthy flow.  The blood flow is the pivotal key in maintaining your maximum well being.

You see the watery part of the blood, in which the red globules float, is called the plasma. This contains many substances dissolved in it, some of which are derived from the food, and nourish the body; and some are waste matters, which the blood is carrying away to be discharged.

When blood flows out of the blood-vessels, it soon thickens into a jelly. This is called the coagulation of the blood.  Blood does not coagulate in the blood-vessels during life if they are sound. If the blood is flowing very fast, it will not coagulate until the flow is checked. If the air is extremely cold, it does not coagulate quickly.  It is this coagulation of the blood that saves us from bleeding to death when we are wounded. The clots which form, stop up the mouths of the cut vessels.  So there is a natural ebb and flow of our blood but 90% of the time it is essential for the blood to flow unhindered to maintain or good health.

It is not likely this is happening if:

  • Our breathing is shallow during everyday routines and especially during exercise.
  • Our daily diets are too imbalanced in good nourishing foods that don’t take our blood health into consideration.

So do yourself a favor while you are waiting on my free breathing class and do this simple exercise, by breathing in sniffs.  Quick loud sniffs in repetitions of three and exhale forcefully through the nose mouth closed.  Sniff, Sniff, Sniff, Exhale.  You will feel it in your diaphragm and give it a wonderful work out in the process.  You can pause in- between your repetitions and make up your own little way of going about doing this but just practice as you drive, sit, walk or run.  The more out of breath you feel just adjust your sniffs in accordance.  You will notice taking that flight of stairs or walking that hill is an effortless task that you may find, dare I say it ……… enjoyable for a change.

No I did not forget about the other two pillars just consider this matter . . . . . .  to be continued.