The Epic Flaw of Science

By Julian A. Cox

The “epic flaw” of science is that reason can’t explain all that man sees; at some point the acceptance of the unexplainable yields to “faith” (it is because it is and not because it is understood or not).  It is for this reason that science at its best is just a semi-accurate “shot in the dark” and even its accuracy is proven sufficient or not by new knowledge that is gained over time.

Although science may seem to provide a good foundation it is no more reliable than the ever shifting tectonic plates of the earth.  At times these result in great error of those who trusted in their security and lose the very livelihood that was founded upon them.

In the end science will never disprove that which man’s finite, intellect cannot grasp such as “the flight of the bumble bee”. So while its use of establishing level grounds of grasping the world at large is beneficial in the cognitive development of man’s understanding of it, it is poor grounds to disdain those things which its tools lack the power to fathom.  Those same tools are also no more useful than man’s ability to use them to grasp the unknown.