Do You Got What it Takes to Be Healthy

If you got what it takes to be healthy then:

  • Don’t let anyone dictate to you what healthy is.
  • Don’t be duped into believing such a thing exists as a “bad food”; there are no bad foods, just ”poor “ food choices.
  • Question everything “they” say but be open to receive it.
  • Be “thankful” for what you do and don’t have.
  • Eat slow, chew well, and be present during your meals and drink before or after.
  • Breathe deep (nasal inspiration/expiration),think fast and act slow.
  • Mind your posture and your manners.

No matter what your view on healthy is make sure that you don’t become its slave and can still put on a big smile and enjoy the wonderful life that God has allowed you to experience.  In the bible it tells us that God allows the same rain to fall upon the just and the unjust so he doesn’t play favorites.  Everything we experience in this life is either for our own benefit or that of someonelse we have yet to meet and while some ventures may not be so pleasant you never know what you will have to impart to another in the future.

Sugar doesn’t make the bitter sweet, just more tolerable to digest, so accept things for what they are but stand on your head so you can see the rest of the picture you are missing and just keep moving forward.  As long as you keep moving you will get where you are going but even if you are just drifting with no real destination you will eventually end up somewhere.  However, when an obstruction brings your momentum to a violent halt consider it a good opportunity to reconsider your heading and make necessary adjustments as you see fit but “don’t become inert”.