It’s An Inside Job


By Julian A. Cox

Regardless of what you may think, you always have the power to change your situation.

It is not a matter of rocket science. While the “buts” may come and the “what if’s” may prevail one simple fact will always remain.

So what is that?

It is the fact that, nothing changes until your perspective of the situation changes – J.A.C. You don’t think so.

Well what about Jessie Owens in his youth who fought some serious battles with bronchial congestion as well as pneumonia but still had to do the enduring manual labor of picking around 100 pounds or so of cotton every day?

Do you think Hitler’s ideas of an Arian race being superior to all would have been flushed down the toilet back in the1936 Berlin Games if Jessie would have thought that because of his poor health and hard labors that becoming an athlete was impossible?

Because he changed his perspective of his situation in those miserable days of his youth he went on to do some of the following at those 1936 Berlin Games which you can find at

• Won four gold medals, in the 100m, 200m, 4x100m relay and the long jump.

• He managed to break or equal nine Olympic records.

• Set three world records.

• One of those world records was in the 4x100m relay. The quartet set a time that wouldn’t be bettered for 20 years.

Do you get it now. The real point here is it is not what your pupils physically behold that need to actually change. What needs to change is the way your natural eyes behold what they see through your mind’s eye. In other words it is that mental image that you attribute to your situation that must be altered. Thereby you have completely altered the situation itself without although in a sense it hasn’t changed.

It is for this same reason that 99.9% of all arguments begin between two parties. No one wants to accept that their view of the other is distorted.

Now with that being said there is one important and foundational element that goes along with this. That is in order for this to work the environment for it must be created. The same goes for healing, it doesn’t begin or can’t start until the environment for it is ripe. Therefore such must be cultivated. When you look into the definition of the word cultivate you will find words such as:

• Promote

• Develop

• Prepare

These three words are all essential factors in establishing a good foundation. A foundation upon which we begin to pay closer attention to the words we use considering ourselves and the situations we face in order to have a better perspective of them.

No matter what we may face God has given each person the ability and power to change our situation. While we may not all be cut out to be athletes as great as Jessie Owens don’t forget his very sickly and humble beginnings. Yes there are a myriad of other examples out there but you will find one common denominator amongst them all. They all overcame their distorted view of their situations and by shattering the illusions they became something other than what circumstances dictated.

Isn’t it about time you did the same?