Pain Fundamentally Speaking Part IV

Fundamentals of Pain Induction


This fundamental is really the culmination of the previous three and yet has its own specific contribution to your painful woes. It is here that the mental, nutritional and physical fundamentals merge and have an overall total output on your painful or chronic condition. Why is this the case? It is so because all of them express themselves on the cellular level in their specific areas but it is the combination of these various routes of stimulation that have the overall impact on your condition. So you can see if you were to solely focus on each it would be difficult to truly determine the complete influence of each and I would debate the necessity in doing such.
The other role the molecular fundamental plays in the influence of pain is in the trigger of environmental influences that directly influence your cellular activity without you even realizing it. That’s right, not only do you not realize it but you have no direct control over this impact either, at least to a certain degree. So what might these things be and how does it all affect the other fundamentals? We will discuss all of that in this article as well as tie it altogether.

Invisible disruption

Whether you are aware of it or not your life is constantly being bombarded by the electromagnetic spectrum in good and bad ways. At least 60% of the electromagnetic spectrum is invisible to us. So what is the electromagnetic spectrum? It is composed of the varying wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation such as:

• Cosmic rays.

• Gama rays.

• X-rays

• Ultraviolet light.

• Visible light (7 rainbow colors.)

• Infrared.

• Microwaves.

• Radio Waves.

The invisible portions of this are the above excluding the 7 rainbow colors. The thing that is most important to you is the impact that they have on you. The EMS influences you at the cellular level and totally bypasses that of your psyche. So my point here is that this is a total molecular influence that has physical and mental ramifications. This brings us back to the fact that all of these fundamentals are very much separate parts of one whole. The easiest proof of this is what happens when your friend comes back to the office looking like a lobster from lying out in the sun until they were well done. Before I continue, let me stress something here about radiation. In short radiation has to do with energy emissions. Now as concerning the EMS we are concerned with whether that energy is either ionizing or non ionizing. So what is the difference between the two?

The difference is:

• Ionizing type radiation is a very large amount of energy. This kind of energy has the ability to disrupt your molecular make up to the point of striping electrons from atoms along with causing damage to DNA and bring about the onset of cancer.

• Non – ionizing type radiation will only resonate with an atom but will not disrupt it. In other words this type of radiation is not harmful to the body.

So let’s revisit the lobster red friend issue that got a little too much sun light. That ultra violet light falls on both the ionizing and non ionizing part of the EMS. It really depends on the time of the day like when the sun is at its peak as to which type of ionization you will be exposed to. Either way being inappropriately dressed mixed with overexposure will lead to some serious molecular disruption regardless of how tough you think that you are. I would like to emphasize the fact that the EMS encompasses sound as well as what is visible which could be as simple as radiation of your own voice or that of a loved one. It is important to understand that this radiation impacts you on a molecular level and while the voice may not carry the harmful ionizing impact it does in fact stimulate a certain molecular chain of events that can have an overall positive or negative impact on your person.

Connecting Dots

So the question here is one of how does this all come together in impacting your painful state of being? I will provide a little real life scenario for you and then put all the pieces together as I have been doing. Let’s say that it is the middle of summer and around lunch time in my house. An hour has passed since I began preparing our meal and I have made the necessary preparations as turning on the air conditioner and a fan to keep the temperature from the stove and oven balanced. However, I begin to feel those familiar tingling sensations along with a rapid increase in body temperature. Like usual I decide to slow down a little but not stop until it becomes a burning stabbing like sensations that is rapidly intensifies. I realize at this point if I don’t break, things are going to get really bad really quick.

So I have my wife pick up where I left off and take care of serving everyone. When lunch is over I decide to just take a long break to give my body some cool down time but the children really would like me to go out back with them and play for a bit. I let them out and decide to rest at least a half hour and out I go. The sun is out and barely a cloud in sight. A gentle breeze brushes my face in its coolness and so far things seem to have quieted within. After a few minutes of UV bombardment my body explodes from head to toe in increasing sensations of burning and stabbing pain and I quickly retreat to the comfort of indoors.
So let’s fundamentally break down these events and identify the root cause of the pain I was dealing with. Before I start, it doesn’t matter in what order you begin to analyze all of this. What is really important is understanding the role that these various fundamentals play and addressing them individually and collectively in order to gain control over your situation. Also you must realize that although they have their own separate input they have a combined total output.

In the case of me cooking in the kitchen we will first began to look at the various factors of the physical fundamental that influenced the induction of my painful state:

• Heat from the stove.

• Heat from the oven.

• Heat from outside.

• Body heat from exertion.

Yes I did have the air conditioner on along with a fan blowing to help compensate but the combination of the above eventually became greater than the benefit of coolness that they provided and therefore I became too hot and pain thus ensued.
Okay so what about the mental fundamental? I generally stay cool under pressure but like any person when the pain begins to intensify past my threshold I start to slowly lose my grip. In this scenario that would have been when I realized that things were getting pretty intense but I decided to try pushing on. Shortly after this my anxiety levels go off the chart and so does my pain and I quickly retreat. My perceived state is that I can’t take this, it is too much. From what you have learned so far in this series, which way are my pain levels going to go? If you said up than pat yourself on the back because you are a most astute pupil.
In consideration of the nutrition fundamental let’s say that I had coffee after my meal. Big deal right. It actually is quite a significant deal in my situation. The reason why is any time I consume coffee, which is usually after a meal, I become a lot more sensitive to the environmental heat around me and my body temperature rises very rapidly. In case it is not apparent to you this just means that I am much more sensitive to movement, exertion, emotional stimulation and so on and will have a painful episode that much faster.

Now that we have covered that let us look into the combined total impact of these things on the molecular side of the house. Would it not be a safe bet that my elevated heat levels from the physical components along with the coffee consumption and that of stress from the ensuing amount of pain would naturally yield to:

• Elevation in blood pressure.

• Increase in heart rate.

• Increase in reactive oxygen species production due to an increase in cellular respiration.

• Stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system.

• Increase in muscle tension.

• Production of adrenalin.

• Increased depletion of antioxidants.

• Increased depletion in minerals.

Is the picture becoming somewhat clear here? No I am not trying to get very scientific or complex, because it is not necessary to make the point here. What should be apparent here is that you have all of those different forms of stimulation yielding the same net output at least to a degree. It is to a degree because those different stimulants have varying influences on my state of being. What I wish to bring your attention to here is that this is a cycle that compounds upon itself until all or some of the stimulators are no longer active. Also this cycle inevitably is the precursor to your body hitting the pain switch. In case you may wonder how this is possible, keep in mind that an action potential is moving at a rate of 224 mph or so. The greater and more prolonged the stimulation the greater the output, but if you are medicated your are not likely to take immediate notice as we have discussed before, which is why it hits you like a tidal wave and leaves you scratching your head why.
However, by realizing that they play a role it shifts the importance to the list of the initiators of these things. This is what makes breaking it down fundamentally so important because as you logically influence the various stimulating factors would you not also influence the degree of the impact that they have upon you or me in this instance. I can answer that with a resounding yes. On the other hand when you are in a situation in which pain seems to spontaneously come upon you rather than being so quick to fret by fundamentally assessing the matter it will provide you with a road map to helping you to alleviate or decide if you need to evacuate before things really get bad.

I apologize that it has been such a long stint in my posting but I’m working on a M.S. in Holistic Nutrition and I’m left somewhat mentally taxed and as you know my blog postings are quite dense.