Reality At A Glance


The subject of what is and is not, as far as distinguishing an illusion from what is substantial, is a subject that has been explained from a myriad of vantage points.  However, I am persuaded it is not a difficult matter to grasp regardless of what your educational background or age may be.  Although in the ideology of science, which is not said by accident, much is proposed and reasoned through experiment and equation while forgetting in the end it is only mere speculation or hypothesis at best.  Why or how you may ask?  It is on the grounds that due to the finite nature of man through science a cycle of infinite questions that generate more questions compound upon each other and even the answers that are accepted to satisfy may be proven irrelevant in some future time.  Point being that, science can never lead to any absolute in and of itself with the certainty that it cannot be refuted at some later time.

Yes, this is probably my longest intro ever but please hang on as we pick up momentum.  It was not long ago that I took the liberty to review a video that was passed on to me by a friend of mine, who thought that its contents may interest me.  After looking at a good amount of it this paper is a result of my rebuttal to its fundamental ideas that it touts in the name of science.  I will hone in on the central theme interwoven and built upon throughout the video which is the only reality is what you believe it to be, nothing that you see is actually real.  This of course is said in the name of quantum physics.  I therefore welcome you to allow me to offer you an alternative from my perspective.  This by no means is meant to be exhaustive but just to make you take a step back and think again about this subject especially if you live in your multi-verse and are everywhere at once, except when someone happens to be looking at you.

Reality Types

There is only one reality; however that reality is digested, understood or received, whichever you prefer, through at least three different methods.  Absolute reality is what lies outside of our thoughts and encompasses what can and cannot be seen and what can and cannot be manipulated through our senses. To make things easier I will list things as so:

1.      Absolute Reality – The world around you.

2.      Reality through perception – Understanding what is real through what is believed through sight.

3.      Reality through experience – Understanding what is real through physical interactions.

4.      Reality through distortion – Understanding what is real through what is believed through sight hinged solely on emotions and past experiences.

You in a sense can think of the other three realities as a different facet on a single diamond or a different angle of view of an object.  In either case there is only one object that is being looked upon but because of the vantage point the same thing could be seen a little sharper, distorted, or as it is by its various onlookers without ever changing what it is.  In other words that object if it is a rock remains a rock but due to a specific vantage point it may just appear as an egg, an ear, and so on.  However, these different vantage points that I will expound upon have their own factors of influence that will determine the reception of the onlooker.  Also you must take into consideration what lies between the onlooker and the object of focus; hence this will alter the view.


The majority of our lives are lived based off of the things that we think that we see or feel.  According to perception is defined as such:

1. The act or faculty of apprehending by means of the senses or of the mind; cognition; understanding.

2.  Immediate or intuitive recognition or appreciation, as of moral, psychological, or aesthetic qualities; insight; intuition; discernment: an artist of rare perception.

Once again you will notice the mention of the senses not just what we see.  Just think about it, it is rare at any given moment that you only use just one sense regardless of the fact that you are aware of it or not.  Our senses are a medium through which we interact or exchange information with the world outside of our body similar to the snake’s tongue.  The brain processes this feedback and we then choose a specific response due to how threatening or nonthreatening the information is that has been received.  We will use this as a jump off point to revisit the proposed idea of reality only existing within ourselves and the world outside being an illusion.  If this is the case my first question is what is the need for senses to interact with something that really does not exist?  On the other hand if that is the case can our perceptions indeed be illusions instead of reality?  To answer this I will somewhat use an incident in the video out of context.  According to it, at the time when Magellen’s fleet was approaching the new world the ships were invisible to the native people due to the fact that they had never seen a ship of that size before so therefore they did not exist.  They could see the water moving from the ships making their way ashore but could not see the actual ships until somehow their shaman after much time of observing the phenomenon was able to see the ships and then tell his people and due to their belief in him they could now see the ships. If these natives had every harpooned fish by boat or traveled on the inland creeks and rivers on even a raft I’m sure they not only saw the ships but due to the only thing they could associate it with would have assumed them to be giant rafts of the gods or canoes and so on, just something to think about.  Okay, back to my point.  The ships existed and they were real, outsiders would indeed make landfall.  Also let’s just say that they could not really see the ships with their eyes, although they were not visible this reality only existed within their minds due to their limited perception.  Therefore they created an illusion that was not dispelled until they were made aware of it.  Check out the link Perception under blog roll to learn more about this story, if you are interested in getting the full story.

A more personal example is of one day when I was a young boy I was out on a open grassy plot of land nestled in-between two streets and became very fascinated by a stick that I had seen lying on the ground.  I was so drawn to this stick that I began to reach down to pick it up until I noticed the two beady, onyx eyes on either side of its head and recoiled before contact was made.  The stick was a snake folks but to me for a time that snake was a stick.  I’m sure if the snake could have read my mind and could speak it may have said I’m not a stick you dummy but go ahead and pick me up. On the other hand, it may have had evil intentions and thought just a little further, come on keep reaching and then exploded with anger at the fact that I happen to realize it for myself and overt possible death or great discomfort as I recoiled with fear at the mistake that almost took place.  What I perceived was so convincing that it caused me to act as if it was real but regardless of what I perceived that snake was exactly that before and after I decided to leave it be.

Remember I said this would not be exhaustive so by the few examples I have used here by a show of hands how many think that your perception of reality is never an illusion but is actual reality?  The only way to prove your perception true or false is by testing it.  If a self conscious individual was overly concerned with some personal imperfection and just so happened to walk into a room and the majority of the people were pointing in their direction and laughing their first thought maybe that everyone knows about their imperfection and or some close friend betrayed them and so on.  All the while they just happened to miss the most hilarious event that took place behind them which was seen by all due to the fact that they still had the door wide open.  If they choose to believe their perception and fail to ask a simple question then they have in fact created a distortion in reality and have been sucked into it but more on that later.


Now let us consider one of the most dominating influences in how we perceive reality, past experience.  If you don’t know, most of the things you do every day is governed by your subconscious mind.  It is so because that is where the pre-programmed data is stored and unless you break the cycle you spend the rest of your life fulfilling the program.  Google it, research it, read books on it and you will be amazed.  I will not be going in depth about it here but it all hinges on experience, things that you have already learned and will use over and over again.  It is there for retrieval so your conscious mind can focus on other things and won’t be overloaded.  So once again if the only reality is what is in our mind then do the things without only exist because of past experiences?  If this is the case for all of the people who have had abusive relationships and enter into new ones, every time their new partner behaves in a similar way that a past abusive partner has they need to flee because this one will abuse them also.  Based on perceptual experience alone without any testing of the belief is this real or an illusion?  In this case within the set parameters the answer is pure probability and would be yes and no.  Although to that individual from a past of many abusive relationships it most likely would always be an illusion, of course to them real due to the parameters that we’re dealing with, since they will not test it.  Please stay inside the parameters just for the sake of the point I’m making, I realize that certain traits are displayed by certain types of people and that if studied one can make a good determination based upon such information but that is not what the focus is on.  Once again the point here is can reality really only lie within your mind or is the mind the greatest distorter of what is real due to the slants we are dealing with?


As we continue on this thought we arrive at the culmination or fulcrum of the single most dominating influence in how we perceive reality, distortion.  In the most simplistic language it is changing something from the way that it should be.  Is it inconceivable or an affront to humanity to pose the thought that many of the views people have on what they perceive as real in their mind is  really a distortion?  If this is the case then most of what the mind perceives and accepts to be real is an illusion and in turn reality cannot exist within the psyche of an individual.  Also, if this is the case then the mind itself is only a receiver and processor that accepts or rejects the information that it obtains in the form of specific actions. Therefore, if this distortion of reality does come from the mind how, would it be possible? Do you remember what I said about how you don’t ever just use only one sense at any given moment, it is the same with these so called slants of reality I have been speaking about.

Consider the following quote “Perception is how you view the world but your response to it is your reality.  While this is so, your perception simultaneously is influenced by:

1 What you think you see.

2.  How what you think you see relates to past experience.

3.  Your current emotional state.  Let’s keep in mind that we are speaking of the point that there is only one reality but it is received simultaneously through the three methods of reality I have previously mentioned.

Now, that being the case, the wrong situation being applied at the right time multiplied or divided by your current emotional state then added to past experience equals a possible and most likely distortion of reality if not subtracted by testing to prove if it is indeed an illusion or not.  If reality only existed within our minds then all assumptions are no longer assumptions but reality, right or wrong?  If the answer is wrong then an assumption is indeed a distortion created by the list of culprits we have already named above.  This would also swing the pendulum back to the side of reality existing outside of the psyche.  Those factors of distortion are the things that obscure the view between the onlooker and the object.  The object is reality and we through our God given senses interact with reality but the determination of what our brain receives is many times tainted by emotions and past experience and distorts that reality leaving us to live an illusion.


There are many cases where individuals see things for what they are but intentionally distort them and live in their illusion due to the painful reception of the truth.  Truth be told, they just refuse to accept the truth and by creating their illusion, although they know what is real, they live a lie and even hide it from themselves until they believe it to be real and can no longer distinguish between reality and fantasy.  Science is a beautiful tool and has much potential but due to man refusing to accept his state of being only finite it is used mainly as a weapon to distort what is real and create an illusion to escape from the accountability to the infinite wisdom and love of the creator, the Lord Jesus Christ.  In the Word of God, Paul warns Timothy of false science in the book of 1st Timothy.   Any science that would be wielded in such a way as to exclude the infinite love and wisdom of our Creator is indeed false, regardless of what label and how man long equations it can derive to further its distortion of  a Godless reality.  Keep in mind that reality encompasses both what is seen and is not seen.  In Hebrews 11:3 it says, through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.  Science is not a sure foundation for processing reality and will often lead to a major distortion if it is your sole source.  Therefore, if you choose to disbelieve in God and exist everywhere at once in your realm of  multiversity except when someone just happens to be focusing on you, just keep in mind that this distortion does not cancel out reality.  I will close with the following scriptures Romans (3:3 – 4) 3) for what if some did not believe: shall their unbelief make the faith of God without affect? 4) God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar, as it is written, That thou mightest be justified in the saying, and mightest overcome when thou art judged.