Setting the Record Straight


I believe it was Albert Einstein who said that insanity is doing the same thing again over and over but expecting different results.  This also would tie into the old saying that those who fail to learn about history are doomed to repeat it.  It is on the premise of these two sayings that I present to you the following verdict of guilty against both Anti and Pro Vaccinators.  Yes, I have the audacity to appoint myself judge, prosecution and jury on the following charges: 1. Fear mongering.  2.  Promotion of personal agenda at the expense of the public.  3.  Failure to accept failure.  However, before you get too far ahead of yourself, my agenda here is to bring to the surface what I strongly believe both camps have suppressed so that a truly informed decision and understanding can be made and general awareness can be raised without the raising of defenses and real change can gradually take place over time.  I am an anti – vaccinist myself and will reveal what I truly believe is missed by both sides.

Fear Mongering

Before we go any further let me define what I mean by fear mongering; it is the use of information to persuade a party with the greater emphasis being upon causing said party to base their decision off of fear.  One of the greatest uses of fear mongering on both sides is the use of deaths or ailments received in vaccinating or not vaccinating.  If this is not so then why was it that the press deemed it necessary to highlight the fact that there was 14 deaths amongst unvaccinated children in the city of Leicester in the early 1900’s during the time that they were less vaccinated.  Especially when the numbers are compared to Leicester during the times of heavy vaccinations the death count was in the hundreds.  Although this is only one incidence, was it not for the sake of scaring the public into believing that there was a much greater risk of death from disease without the protection of a vaccination.  Now on the other hand some of the covers of the latest anti-vaccinist books likewise display plainly on their covers pictures of babies with needles surrounding them, and some have their pages filled with gruesome pictures of vaccinated related diseases that have afflicted children, women and men alike.  Before I continue, I am not saying that it is wrong or evil to do such a thing considering in the proper medium on both sides the purpose is useful for the agenda being proposed.   On the other hand, what difference is this use of tragedy of the individual by the anti-vaccinist than that of it by the pro-vaccinist?  Both sides would boldly proclaim that their cause is just and that they are both in the right but the real case is they both use the misfortune of others to further their own agenda.   Fear is not a bad thing, for in the right situation it could save your life but in the wrong one it could cost you your life.

Although, when good intentions, which many do begin as, get lost in the furthering of an agenda then the anti-vaccinist without realization has become the very thing they are fighting against and are no different than the pro-vaccinist, simply furthering their agenda through fear alone.  How is this you may ask?  Let me ask you this, when you are afraid what is the only innate responses your body has to deal with it?  If you said flight or fight than pat yourself on the back.  I will take it a little further than that, when the public is given only two equally opposing options to choose from both being driven by fear then the only reasonable conclusion they can draw is to flee from the one and find solace in the other.   The anti-vaccinist have an agenda of creating a fear of vaccination because of its horrors and the pro-vaccinist have an agenda of creating fear of being unvaccinated because of the horrors.  This equals a mass production of fear into the public arena.  When the anti-vaccinist side falls prey to this fear mongering they are contradicting their greatest foundation of being such in the first place, I will visit this subject again later.

The Agenda

Furthermore, the culmination of the anti-vaccinist agenda since its inception has been to completely do away with the use of vaccinations altogether, especially compulsorary.  The means for doing such is in part through what we have discussed above and through educating of the public, and criminalizing and demonizing the opposition.  I am not saying that all fall into this category but on a large scale it is a snare I feel that has entrapped a great many from past to present.  In the examples of J.T. Biggs of the Leicester Anti – Vaccination league of the late 1800’s and Dr. Carlo Ruata who was the Professor of Materia Medica in Italy and many others they made a sound case against vaccination  and  provided statics that have not changed over the years and highlighted the atrocities and lack thereof of the supposed protection.  Men like these and many of the early opposers sought to do away with the compulsory regulations and their consequences that followed for objecting to being immunized and for the most part won part of their fight.  The agenda itself is sound however being only human it seems to me that instead of a proper balance its focus has steered heavily onto the criminalizing and demonizing of the opposition and greater emphasis on fear of the atrocities that could happen.  In the midst of it all the thing of greatest importance gets drowned out . . . the education of the public.  This too I shall expound upon later.

So what about the agenda of the pro-vaccinist camp?  The underlying focus is to rid the human race of a horrible threat through medication.  So what is wrong with that?  Well that is the underlying focus, the other part of the agenda lies in removing through criminalization or demonization the opponent whose methods would interfere with this agenda and cause annual pandemonium as best as possible to keep a strong following in their paradigm at the expense of anothers misfortune as we discussed earlier.  If you think I am just talking nonsense than what about the hype of the H1N1 Swine Flu and the Small Pox hype of the past in order to further the belief in their agenda.  History has already told the gruesome story of the aftermath of all that hype and exposed it for what it was . . . hype.  There is no more reason to fear a pathogen than there is to fear a vaccination considering that neither are the true cause of disease in the first place.  You heard me right but I will discuss this later also.  I hope you are taking some mental notes but if not I will keep my word.

If you want to understand why the pro-vaccinist are so passionate then it would do you well to understand who Dr. Jenner, Koch, Lady Maria Wortley Montagu and Louis Pasteur are.  These are very well established individuals from whom the literature that many a medical student knows all too well and thanks to Pasteur’s Germ Theory we have the current doctrine for our modern medical establishment.  So why am I bringing up this point?  I do so because these are not stupid and uneducated individuals by any means whom have shaped our current medical establishment doctrine.  Now with that said, history has proven even their theories during their time to be full of holes but of course that is a subject open to debate.  So what is wrong with an agenda founded upon such prestigious figures?  What is wrong is that fact that it is not open to receive honest criticism regardless of how well put forth it is and proven from times gone by.  Also is the main focus of furthering the agenda lies mainly on control of the masses through fear and destruction of the opposition by all available means.

If you don’t believe it to be so than please peruse over the following excerpt from The Blood and its Third Anatomical Element taken from its Dedication’s Translator’ Preface, Publishers’ Preface, and Author’s Preface, Part 1 & 2.  This book was originally written in French by Antoine Bechamp and translated by an Englishman into English: In the United States during the 1920s and 30s, Royal Rife’s microscope revealed processes of life which would have made a great deal of sense to Bechamp. The medical establishment, however, was confounded by the implications of Rife’s discoveries, especially so when he began curing diseases, including cancer, with electromagnetic frequencies. Rife and his discoveries were soon consigned to that special anonymity which is reserved for those who threaten the interests of a system which supports itself by maintaining a high level of sickness amongst humanity, and keeping health at a safe and lucrative distance.  To maintain the profits of the drug companies and the authority of the medical establishment, no price is too great, and by the time Rife died, his work was all but forgotten.

Another process, this time a more recent one called CanCell, is experiencing the same fate at the same hands. Using techniques which are very much a refinement and development of Rife’s use of frequencies, Ed Sopcak has developed a process which has been tested and vindicated by the American FDA, who are now doing their best to bury it. Again, the danger of this technology seems to be that it works, against Aids and cancer as well as other diseases, and it is simple and cheap. For years, Sopcak has given CanCell away without charge to anyone who asked for it. Today he can no longer do so because of a groundless court injunction.Basil Wainright, an American responsible for a process known as polyatomic apheresis, an advanced form of oxygen therapy which has proven itself to be effective enough against Aids and cancer for it to be worth banning. At the time of writing, he has spent three years in prison without being charged with any offence, his medications for Parkinson’s disease have been tampered with, and clinics using polyatomic apheresis have been raided and closed.  If the above is not bad enough, the public is not left anymore truly educated by the pro-vacinists than the anti-vacinist but coerced to follow this agenda mainly based on fear.

Never Ending Story

In consideration of what has been said thus far, I’m sure we can agree upon the fact that history is the greatest indicator of what is likely to take place in the present, if it is not changed that is.  It has been without success that the Anti-Vacisnist have convinced the governing bodies of their time through all of their persuasion to abandon the horrible practice of vaccination.  Neither, has all of the criminalizing and demonizing of the pharmaceutical industry caused them to change their ways and stop insisting upon the people of their times the notion of compulsory vaccination.  So what is the answer then you may be thinking, but you will have to bear with me a little longer, considering that it is part of the answer to the other things I have yet to conclude.  We noted earlier the statement of Einstein about insanity in the introduction and on that notion I ask why is that the anti-vacinist of today expect any different results by doing the same thing?  On that note, the notion of injecting a person with a disease to protect against a disease in the regards that they are now impervious to it has also been proven false throughout history more than on one occasion.  Is it not insanity that the pro-vacinist repeatedly as they have in the past, insist upon the population the notion of vaccination and compulsory vaccination?


So what about all that I will get back to it later stuff I have been talking about?  Now is the time of the unveiling but before I do, let me ask you this question, what is the basis for contracting disease in the first place?  If you said the state of the immune system then you are definitely on the right track.  This notion is congruent with the Cellular Theory of Antione Bechamp who stated that disease does not come from without but from within.  He proved through his Microzymian Theory that it is in fact the change of the environment of the microbe in which causes their nature to change to that of pathogenic.   Scholars, please correct me if I am in error.  Basically when the internal environment is out of balance, as the case was with scurvy and the deficiency of Vitamin C, the case of Cancer and many, many other diseases disease is a result.

This is nothing new to most of those in the anti-vaccinists camp but then why would they stoop to tactics to induce such a fear of a vaccine when it is not the vaccine that causes all of the actual secondary atrocities.  Hold on and put your guns down my fellow anti-vaccinists, it is very much a contributor but you know good and well that as I previously stated that the internal state of the individual immune system is the true determining factor.  This is even so with all those toxic additives that are blatantly put in and listed on the CDC site for all to see.   Yes enough exposure over time will eventually destroy the individual without things being done to negate the effect but it still does not change my point.  In the end your internal resilance will be the ultimate determining factor.  This is proven throughout history with both the vaccinated and unvaccinated perishing alike from disease such as small pox and so on.  They died or did not die due to the strength of their immunal state which has many factors attached to it, diet being one of the foremost.

I will officially close this out with the other subject that I mentioned I would get back to . . . education of the public.  The pro-vacinists fail on this end and only supply the masses with fear as to the reasoning behind being vaccinated but I will state it again that the threat is not from without as much as it is from within.  You see the potential for all diseases of every kind are already genetically programmed into every fiber of your beings within your cells.  Yes, I’m sure it is new to your ears but over a century of scientific proof leading up to this very day has verified this fact over and over.  Figures such as Bechamp, Enderlein, Rife and Nassens have proven it over and over again.

I strongly believe that many of the anti-vacinists are not faring much better in placing too much emphasis on fear of vaccination.  In order to parry the destruction that the Germ Theory has brought upon the history of medicine, greater emphasis must be upon raising public awareness. An raising of awareness with the absence of demonization and criminalization of the other side and without the fear mongering at the center.  Fear in a proportionate dose, evenly sprinkled throughout the education in such a way as to not cause a noticeable blip on the bias radar, is what I am making reference to.  Emphasis needs to be placed more on the origins and founders of the entire vaccination movement and their success and failures in comparison with figures such as Bechamp and others.  By doing so individuals are not forced into a flight or fight response over two equally opposing thoughts but are brought to an understanding as to why both sides are so passionate about their cause.  This dear reader I believe to be the true seeds to such a medical revolution that is so dearly sought by the anti-vacinist movement.  If there is no change in process the results will continue to be as they always are (Me).

My agenda is to provoke serious thought on the subject matter presented above and to stir further reflection upon human understanding being the most important factor in the agendas being set forth.  I am human as well as any other person and I know it is very easy to get so lost in a cause that the thing being fought for ends up becoming destroyed over time, due to a shift in emphasis as the battle ensues.  Politicians are prime examples of this, they all say they will do better at protecting the people from their contenders and predecessors but use the very people they are trying to supposedly protect to satisfy their own agenda and in turn become what they were protecting against, in some cases.