The Secret of Good Posture


Our posture is something so easily taken for granted but yet so vitally important to our everyday health.  Just think of it this way:

  • Body-slouch
  • Health-slouch
  • Mind-slouch.

Just consider it somewhat of an ABC syndrome to the degradation of your wellbeing.   This could really go in the reverse direction but the real take away here lies in the fact that one begets the other.

Good posture especially for men begins with:

  • Stand erect.
  • Chest well out (without forcing or straining).
  • Square those shoulders (do not draw them tightly).
  • Forcibly draw in that abdomen forcibly (the internal organs will be better supported in that position).
  • Hold that head squarely, so that the eyes look directly in front.
  • Do not tilt the head, or stick out the chin.
  • Keep your neck perfectly flexible but don’t stiffen it.

You see the true secret to good posture is within the freedom and ease.

Do your best to eliminate tenseness and rigidness, because tightening, or stiffening of the muscles will result in a strained, unnatural appearance.

While sitting, hold the body loosely erect and comfortable.   Why?  It is because of the fact that flat chests, round shoulders and improper posture, aside from the careless appearance it creates, tend to make people lethargic, and do not promote good health.  In other words just sit erect and watch that slouching private.

Are you in the mood for an improved lung capacity and a stronger heart?  If you answered yes then you will be pleased to know that there is a simple way you can obtain such in a matter of a few months.  This daily, systematic posture-exercise will assist you in this department:

  • Always walk with the toes pointed straight to the front.
  • Avoid toeing out, or in.
  • Proper posture, combined with correct foot-control and the wearing of shoes that are properly adapted for your feet, will to a great degree prevent the tendency to fallen arches and other foot troubles.
  • Breathe through your nose with quick sniffs with every step up to three and exhale through your nose forcefully for the next two steps.  Sniff, step, sniff, step, sniff, step, exhale, step, step.  Just repeat this process frequently as you are practicing the above posture and this will benefit the heart and lungs.  I apologize for forgetting to add this portion in the first time around.

Also for all of you who are wondering where is this free breathing class he promised please bear with me.  I need to better organize my thoughts and projects and will be getting it together as soon as possible.  I also have been mulling over what to include and not include as far as making it worthwhile without being a flat out lecture.  So please give me some time and you will have the opportunity to sign up and benefit for a life time once it is complete.  Until then I will continue to share things here and there.  I also will be putting a book together that is somewhere on the horizon that will being going more in depth on this subject.   Thank you for your patience.