There is No Silver Bullet


In the old horror movies a werewolf would meet their demise on the receiving end of a shiny silver bullet.  This just happened to be the only method that worked.   The desperate victim that had their gun loaded minus the magic bullet were, just plain up the creek without a paddle.  Although, there are no such things as werewolves our chronic pains and woes are very much a reality.  The greatest misconception is that they are often treated like the werewolf in the old horror flicks.

This Present Age

We live in a Jetson’s like society filled with gratifications being fulfilled merely at the push of a button.  If you are willing to pay just a little extra you can get it almost as fast as you  want it :considering we have not yet reached the point of  teleporting mass instantaneously so that the demand of right now can be fulfilled but there is same day service for some things.  This is of course, thanks to good ole technology that continues to shrink our world to fit into the palm of our hands.  I have no qualm with this but the byproduct is a pervasive perception that develops into An enslaving mentality, “I gotta have it now or there is going to be total systems failure.”  Yes, I know that is a bit extreme but it may as well be the case for many, myself included.

We are just so used to too many things being available nearly instantaneously that it is hard to deal with dare I say it . . . patiently waiting.  Heaven forbid just a little mishap of an overnight package due to some unforeseen event like the weather and oh boy lets nuke ‘em. This mentality drives us to demand the instantaneous and fret to the point of rage, for some, if it is not gratified.  Due to the understanding of this prevailing mentality many a business has taken it upon themselves to deliver us from the horrors of patience by offering us nearly instant gratification.  The internet is blanket pacification for many of these instant gratifications seeing as you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to order electronics, groceries, and gadgets and so on.

Crying Wolf

Aside from that no matter what kind of werewolf you find yourself being antagonized by, there is a business with a silver bullet to eliminate it.  Okay, so who is crying wolf?  Consumers are crying werewolf all the time and just don’t have any silver bullets; for instance some want to vanquish the maniacal lupine of tremendous weight they have accumulated.   This ferocious beast is at the point of being an epidemic here in America and has taken hundreds of causalities and has yet to have its hunger satiated .

Many a company has answered this cry with their special arsenal of silver bullets in the forms of liposuction, weight loss pills that offer the reduction of several pounds over a series of weeks and so on.  I won’t forget to add all of the special dietary silver bullets that are only effective against this beast as long as the individual will continue on them.  The strange thing here is nothing is said of understanding what attracted the beast to begin its rampage in the first place.  Often in the case of taking on too much weight, especially here in America, it stems mostly from a diet full of too much processed foods, not enough water and little to no exercise.  Hmmm…… this may explain why this beast is so quick to return once these so called diets are ended or the silver bullets run out, just something to think about.

Well what about the vegetarian who exercises’ frequently drinks plenty of water but suffers from the werewolf of chronic headaches and back aches?  They are most likely inclined to seek out an herbalist or some other natural silver bullet to eliminate their ailments.  Perhaps they use the silver bullets of mass vitamin C to reduce the inflammation or a concoction of MSM, chondroitin and glucosamine.  After a month or so they notice that the werewolf has not moved since he was blasted with the last few rounds of silver bullets so they stop shooting and a week later the beast is back with a new found ferocity.

How is this so, they were taking the nontraditional approach with no side effects, yet here they are standing face to face with the gaping maw of this hideous creature resembling the closest it can to a smile?  Oops, here we go again we never took the time to trace things back to the root.  Did I fail to mention that this vegetarian is a highly paid and respected corporate executive that has to meet several deadlines and works many hours of overtime day after day on top of raising a family of four, and has kids involved in sports?  I will spell it out; it’s called S T R E S S.   Yes stress is big and can cause big problems that are mistakenly attributed to something else like a headache or even back ache along with some chronic ailments.


Are you starting to get the big picture here; there is no silver bullet.  When I say silver bullet I am making reference to the gotta have it now solution to a problem that has manifested because of either a specific or multiple stimuli.  The silver bullet is also a mentality that is derived from what I explained about our society in that we have become a people accustomed to having nearly instant gratification and nearly collapse when we don’t get it.

I understand for those who are in pain that it is a very uncomfortable situation that needs attention but the anxiety driven by this instant gratification compounds more upon the person than they realize and turns that pain up to levels well beyond their tolerance.  Just the elimination of this anxiety would help to alleviate a majority of the pain that they believe they just can’t endure and would help them to possess the clarity to begin to reason why they are in such a painful state in the first place.  Once this is achieved the process of elimination can take place starting with the diet, then moving on to water consumption, stress control and exercise frequency and just plain figuring out if they are taking necessary breaks so those deadlines can be met without so much repercussion on their physical and mental state.

You see if you just mow down a lawn full of dandelions don’t be surprised to see them again a day or so later mocking your hard effort.  You can’t get rid of them without eliminating them root first and the same goes for any so called issue, or ailment that plagues you.  It is completely fine to have instant pain relief or even lose a few pounds on some temporary diet but you must eventually remove it by the root or if you stop taking the medication or herbal concoction the pain will be back and the fat will come back home to roost eventually.

I get these natural health promotionals frequently sent to my house and the most recent one was touting some Aloe based formula to take care of a myriad of ailments.   It works and has no side effects which is great but when reading the customer reviews to promote the product I was troubled.  What troubled me was there were people who spoke of the ailment they were relieved of until they stopped taking the product for a time and then what do you know it was back.  That sounds like the werewolf we’ve been speaking about doesn’t it, it will stay dead as long as you fill its hide with silver bullets but don’t you dare run out.

I don’t know anything more about those people then the little they share in their testimonials but it is obvious that they have yet to eliminate the problem from the root.  Just for clarification, I’m not bashing this product or medication or any other method to find instant relief from a specific ailment but the deceptive mentality that precedes the reasoning behind it.  It doesn’t matter whether your silver bullet is all natural or a mix of natural and traditional, you will always be a slave to this mental state and fear the re-emergence of your condition if you stop, if you never eliminate it from the root.

It is real simple to eliminate a weed by the root . . . dig.  Now, for the issues you face you may have to start your digging into the things going into your mouth and understand how what it either has or doesn’t have can affect your body along with other things.  I really can’t stress this enough, your problems are present because of something that has happened to you due to physical injury, mental state, out of balance intestinal state, dehydration, lack of exercise and so on.  It could stem from just one of these or even all the above and more but my point is a silver bullet will not be enough to eliminate the problem.   Just remember once you run out of ammunition, if that monster gets up from their dog nap, you have failed to remove the root.