What is Hidden Within

A Pearl

Let us consider what it takes to produce a pearl or what the oyster goes through to yield such a beautiful gem.

  1. It begins with an irritation of a small substance such as sand.
  2. Secretion of nacre is emitted to soothe.
  3. Nacre begins to harden.
  4. The process is repeated over and over.
  5. A beautiful yet hardened stone is the end result.

Pearls are created one layer of nacre after another in order to protect the oyster from its source of irritation.   Although it is a most magnificent wonder to behold, on the outside each pearl hides deep within the great source of discomfort to the oyster.  It is buried under many hardened layers never to be dealt with again.  I hope this does not ruin your desires to purchase that beautiful pearl necklace ladies but the fact of the matter is the original source of irritation is still present.

Beneath the Beauty

So what does this have to do with you or your painful woes? You see what makes chronic pain so debilitating is the sheer overwhelming factor it has on the psychology of the individual.  The pain just as that piece of sand that is a great source of irritation for the oyster and difficult for it to extract is like the pain that you feel day in and day out.  There are times that it comes on strong and just seems to never abate and begins to drive you insane.  Then there are the times that it may not hurt as bad but it lingers all day long no matter what you do or do not do but it grips you like a python squeezing the breathe out of your lungs.  As the years go on you begin to form certain trains of thought, habits, and outlooks to cover your discomfort and painful woes just as the secretion of the nacre by the oyster.  In the end you begin to form your own pearl of comfort and find some semblance of sanity within its protective sphere.  The problem is what you see as a pearl are really chains.  They are chains that begin to imprison you if you allow them to and you are not likely to realize it but you become a different person than you once were.  Of course the same can be said for any one individual who fails to realize the truth unfolding before their very eyes.

Break the chains

  • Challenge your reasoning for doing the routine things that you do.  Take notice of when you are prone to do these things and trace it back to the earliest time you can remember taking up this activity.
  • Is the way you are now the way you usually are?  If the answer is not yes then it is time to retrace your steps to the point of inception.
  • Have you noticed that your relationships are just not the same as they used to be? Throw pride out the window and ask some honest questions to those you are close to, change must first begin with the individual before it takes place without.
  • Do you find it hard to face a particular thought, person, or activity?  Learn to accept your short comings, inability and fears, seek professional help if you must, but don’t keep suppressing and running from them.  The more you do so, the more bound you will be.
  • Just remember as precious as your pearl is to you it is still just something very unwelcoming undercover and while it may be out of sight will never be out of mind until it is addressed.